Summary of the Annual Report


Our 2015 Annual Report records how the PCC has fulfilled its charitable objectives. Briefly, these include:

Regular public worship open to all.

  • a principal service is held in each church at the same time every Sunday.
  • Average Sunday attendance in 2015, totalled across all 5 Sunday services, was 188 adults and 15 children, a significant increase from 2013.
  • A new venture in 2015 has been the introduction of the post of a paid Youth, Children and Families Worker and the appointment of Chris Newman to this post
  • Holy Communion was celebrated at least twice every Sunday and on all principal feasts, holy days and festivals.
  • Attendance on Christmas Day and Easter Day combined totalled 607 (649 in 2014)  with 423 Communicants (331 in 2014 ).
  • Morning Prayer was said publicly in the Parish Church every weekday at 8.30am.
  • Beacons, ‘Messy Church’, Bring the Family, Toddler Group, Junior Choir, Guitar Club,  and, new in 2015, Faith@Home, the Reboot Room and the Parish Family Camp, have all contributed to strengthening our outreach to children and families.
  • The monthly service of Holy Communion at St John’s has been rescheduled to ensure parish-wide provision for children every Sunday.
  • The ministry of healing continues at all Common Worship celebrations of Holy Communion every Sunday.
  • A new emphasis on services for the agricultural year  has been introduced in Bisterne
  • Combined attendances at special services and seasonal concerts during December came to over 4000.
  • Our Harvest Supper at St John’s also raised money for Christian Aid, and St John’s Carols raised money for Hope School, Bethlehem.

Sacred space for personal prayer & contemplation

  • We have been investigating reordering of all three church buildings whilst keeping up with urgent repairs and essential maintenance.
  • The Lady Chapel was reordered in 2015 and St John’s Church has been enhanced for worship with the introduction of a permanent fixed projector and screen
  • Work began on the chancel roof of the parish church with the aid of grants from the Government’s LPOW Roof Repair Scheme and King’s College, Cambridge.
  • The parish church offered hospitality during the town events of Fanfare for Spring, Ringwood Carnival, the Christmas lights switch-on, and on Christmas Eve

Pastoral work

  • 45 baptisms were conducted in the parish in 2015, little changed from 2014. ‘Bring the Family’ and Toddler Group have helped families to become involved in church worship prior to the baptism of their children.
  • In 2015 Ringwood PCC identified Baptism as a mission priority and agreed a new Baptism strategy which involves training more lay people to support Baptism families.
  • Church weddings increased significantly in 2015 (18, compared to 13 in 2014).
  • Church funerals showed a slight increase (27, compared to 25 in 2014)
  • In 2015 we introduced a Gravetalk, event as part of a new national pastoral initiative.
  • We supported the Foodbank and Carers Group
  • We have helped homeless people in times of crisis
  • Monthly services continued to be held at three Rest Homes.
  • All those sick and bereaved who requested it were prayed for in weekly intercessions and visited at home or in hospital.

Teaching through sermons, courses and small groups.

  • The Alpha course ran for 11 weeks from January to March in 2015
  • Two 12-week Pilgrim courses were offered during the year
  • The Diocesan Lent Course on Developing a Rule of Life was offered.
  • The Men’s Group and Julian Group and the evening MU groups have continued their monthly programmes (the afternoon MU group ceased in 2015).
  • The Bible Study Group continued fortnightly throughout 2015.
  • Messy Church and Beacons both involve leaders who are growing in their ministry and discipleship.
  • A Confirmation Course began in November with 4 young candidates.

Taking of assemblies in schools.

  • By the end of 2015 worship in 3 primary schools in Ringwood was being led regularly by members of the ministry team.
  • Visits from Ringwood Infant School to the parish church throughout 2015 were enhanced through the provision of a crèche in the Parish Rooms
  • Special services were held in church for Moyles Court,Waldorf School & Ringwood Juniors in December and for Ringwood Infants throughout the year.

Promotion of Christianity

  • We have a new logo and house style for publicity
  • Our internet and press profile became cheaper and more efficient through the purchase of a new printer for the Parish Office.
  • We have welcomed newcomers, eg through meals, coffee mornings, concerts, fairs, open days, etc,
  • Funds were raised in 2015 for Christian Aid, the Mothers Union Holiday Scheme, Stable Family Home Trust, Ringwood Foodbank, New Forest Nightstop, for church projects in Kinkiizi, Uganda, and Hope School Bethlehem, and for Christian Aid, and the Church Urban Fund


Our 2015 Annual Report and Accounts shows how the PCC has exercised good stewardship of its funds.

Our Parish Share of £87,492 has been paid in full and remains unchanged for 2016

We benefitted significantly in 2015 from successful grant applications to the Government’s Listed Places of Worship Roof Repair Fund and to King’s College, Cambridge.

Nevertheless it is of concern to report that Planned Giving has decreased from £83,333 in 2014 to £77,894 in 2015, a decrease of more than 6.5%.

Costs are minimised through using the Church of England’s Parish Buying Scheme wherever possible.

Once again the Social Committees have continued to raise funds and we are very grateful for the continued support and hard work, and both the Friends of St Paul’s Bisterne and the Friends of the Parish Church are to be thanked and congratulated for their fundraising efforts.

The PCC is committed to constantly reviewing ways to improve our income and to investigate our expenditure to find ways of reducing our costs of maintaining and running our three Churches, Parish Rooms and Hall.


In the forthcoming year we will, as a direct result of our Parish Mission Action Plan implementation:

  • make Baptism a key mission priority for the parish
  • identify and train more people to provide support to Baptism families.
  • identify, contact and arrange training for a group to visit baptism families
  • review current baptism application process and services
  • identify pathways through which different families can engage with the church
  • review material given to baptism families in light of the above
  • help one another to deepen and to share our faith
  • run an Alpha course after Easter 2016
  • run a series of Pilgrim Course groups as necessary throughout the year
  • use ordinary time (Summer/Autumn 2016) to have readings/sermons linking to one of the Pilgrim course modules and simultaneously offer a variety of Pilgrim groups.
  • prioritise and promote work with youth, children and families
  • employ and support a Youth, Children and Family Worker
  • identify with them, the needs and attitudes to church amongst 11-18’s
  • identify and establish new groups/activities or services for 11-18’s and their families
  • engage with local secondary schools & youth projects
  • identify and train as required people to help run /resource activities appropriate for this age group.
  • review activities which need ending or refreshing to sustain our mission
  • review and renew our services in line with our missional priorities
  • identify how our worship can be more accessible to visitors and those unused to church
  • build closer relationships with our mission partners
  • engage missionally with major town and countryside events
  • re-order our churches to enhance our worship and enable mission
  • care for God’s creation by the way we use our buildings and grounds
  • continue using and actively promoting the Parish Giving Scheme
  • continue to review our outward giving
  • hold an annual stewardship programme