Revd Matthew Trick

Hello from Sarah, Isabelle (Izzy) and me.

By the time you’re reading this article, we’ll have moved into Ringwood Vicarage and be trying to realise our house moving dream of unpacking all the boxes within the first week and not needing to designate one of the bedrooms as the ‘box room’. We haven’t managed it on any move thus far, and this will be our fifth move.

I’m going to use this letter to introduce myself and my family and to share some of the things I’m already looking forward to about life and ministry in Ringwood and the surrounding communities.

I suspect the first thing to say is that Sarah, Izzy and I are reasonably familiar with the area as when Sarah and I (Izzy wasn’t yet born) moved to Cambourne in Cambridgeshire, my parents moved to Verwood, just across the county border in Dorset. However, we’re looking forward to experiencing Ringwood as residents and not tourists.

I’ve been ordained for nearly 10 years after leaving a career in business banking with Lloyds TSB. After training for ordination in Cardiff, I served my curacy in the welsh market town of Cowbridge before moving further west to Port Talbot where I was Team Vicar of Aberavon. In 2014 Sarah and I left Wales when I was appointed Minister of Cambourne Church near Cambridge. Cambourne Church is a four-way Local Ecumenical Partnership comprising Anglican, Baptist, URC and Methodist denominations. Serving as an authorised minister in all denominations gave me a real insight into the life of other Christian churches.

For the romantics among you, Sarah and I met whilst I was training for ordination at St Michael’s College, Llandaff in Cardiff. Sarah was training to be a Chartered Accountant (she succeeded) and was renting a room in the accommodation block across from the cottage where I lived. We got married at Llandaff Cathedral, which just happened to be our parish church, in July 2007 which means we’ve just celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary.

In 2015 our wonderful daughter Isabelle was born and has brought much joy to us ever since. Izzy is now entering the ‘terrible twos’ and is embracing this phase of childhood with energy and determination.

Community is what drives me in life and ministry. For me being passionate about community is about building communities of disciples where God is worshipped, being the presence of Jesus in our wider communities and being prophetic voices that God is concerned with the flourishing of all the people around us. There is no other body of people besides the Church who have such an extraordinary opportunity to build communities where all can belong, flourish and discover Jesus Christ.

We have an extraordinary opportunity ahead of us as the new Benefice comes into being. There is something in the order of 21,000 people living in our benefice, most of whom have little or no connection with church – and that, right there, is our task, to serve our communities and in so doing reveal the Good News of Jesus.

With every blessing