Parish Compendium

In preparation for the three AGMs of our churches and for the Annual Parochial Church Meeting I have pleasure in publishing this Compendium of various church (or ‘church-related’) groups that have met and activities that have happened during the past year in the Parish of Ringwood. I hope this will be received as a welcome addition to the more formal sections of the Annual Report and Accounts which tends to summarise only those activities directly relating to the statutory responsibilities of the PCC and its committees.  In this Compendium, on the other hand, we can see something of the variety of the more informal and enjoyable things our church members and their friends get up to on a regular basis which show our church community are able to mix work with pleasure in serving Christ and their neighbour and in ensuring that there is always ‘something for everyone’ in the parish of Ringwood.

David Miell March 2016