Julian meeting

Julian meetings

A Julian Meeting is a small group of people who meet regularly for silent contemplative prayer in the Christian tradition. Ringwood Julian Meetings offer a short introduction, silence together in the presence of God and a cup of tea.

Time: First Tuesday of the month 2:15pm

Julian Meetings are named after Julian of Norwich, a fourteenth century mystic. The purpose of such meetings is “to foster the practice and teaching of contemplative prayer within the Christian tradition”, or “waiting on God in the silence”. This might sound a bit daunting to some: what it means in Ringwood is that a small group meets monthly, beginning with a short reading (sometimes from Julian’s own writings), followed by about half-an-hour’s silence, when people may use a phrase from that reading to focus the mind, or just try to sit without thinking at all, listening in the presence of God. A prayer and a gentle piece of music end the silence. Then a cup of tea and chat offer an opportunity for getting to know each other better.

Some who come find it a helpful oasis in busy lives; others are glad of sharing a time of calm; and, just occasionally, “waiting on God in silence” takes on a whole new meaning.

Presently the group meets on the first Tuesday afternoon of each month. This may not be convenient for some – it might be possible to add an evening group again. If you would like to give Julian a try, ask Anne Osborne (476327) to tell you more, and perhaps go to www.julianmeetings.orgFurther information: anne@ringwoodparish.org.uk