The Alpha Course

When is Alpha?

Our next Alpha Course will be beginning in April 2017,
Please contact Revd Lerys Campbell for more details at
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What is Alpha?
ALPHA is for all.  From those who are curious about the Christian faith but have not regularly attended a church to those who have attended church for years either regularly or occasionally.  Alpha offers everyone the chance to reflect on the basics of the Christian Faith in a relaxed atmosphere with a meal.  Each evening or afternoon consists of a meal, followed by a video or talk about an element of the Christian Faith and then a chance to gather together in a group and ask any questions you might have.  
For those who are seeking their pathway and a clearer understanding of faith, ALPHA gives the opportunity of asking those ‘dumb’ questions that aren’t dumb at all: perhaps those questions are what others are thinking but not brave enough to voice.  All discussion is taken seriously and in total confidence.
For those who have attended church for years either regularly or occasionally there is always more to learn that will deepen our faith, stimulate our prayers and raise awareness of our service to Christ.  In your personal relationship with Christ ALPHA can be the doorway of discovery, development and inspiration for all.

Alpha consists of 10 weekly session, with an introductory evening at the beginning and a Day Away together midway through the course.  Come on a voyage of discovery, it is open to all and there is no charge for the sessions.

Transport can be arranged if you find this a difficulty.