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Revd Matthew Trick writes . . .

Dear Friends
It’s the Gospel of the advertiser isn’t it, that if you buy their product, life will never be the same again? My wife, Sarah, is always teasing me for falling for clever marketing and tv adverts which promise the world. Behind this though lies some very real psychology: we want to reimagine life and when adverts promise us new life they grab our attention.

New Year, New You: join the gym today and have a beach beautiful body by the summer! We begin to bypass the rational part of our mind that says “Nah” and instead begin to reimagine what our summer break would be like with our newly transformed body.

Saint John in the book of Revelation has just such an experience. He’s taken up spiritually into heaven and sees this glorious, transformed vision of life full of joy and celebration. The vision he sees is compelling and attractive and speaks of the joy of life in God. Like any good vision, what John sees is fairly mind-blowing: he witnesses heaven and all its heavenly beings singing some amazing songs to God who is seated on a huge throne and this celebration goes on and on without end – what a vision of life!

I was sitting In the Christmas party of the toddler group of one of our Churches and one of the mums there shared with me that Christmas on its own doesn’t make much sense. So, another baby was born, that’s lovely for his parents but how does it make any impact on my life? To put it directly, Jesus is born – so what?

The answer lies in holding Christmas and Easter together as one reality. Jesus really came and was born a human and Jesus really healed people to show God’s love and He really died and rose again to set us free to live a God-filled, hope-filled, reimagined life.

So if you need to lose the Christmas pounds, locating the running shoes or dusting off the gym card might be wise but the deeper way to realise a reimagined life this January is to get to know Jesus Christ.
In Christ

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